24/7 Emergency Assistance At The Push Of A Button

The Medequip Alert TM Button gives you the freedom to enjoy life without fear.

The #1 most ergonomic medical alert button that gives you the freedom to enjoy life without fear. Rest assured that you will have 24/7 protection and security in the event of  injury, sudden, onset illness, potential danger and other emergency situations.

Medequip AlertTM  Button System Features

  • Easy ordering and setup (NO EXTRA FEES)
  • Call for help in 2 seconds
  • Emergency Services will know your location
  • AT&T Certified Vendor
  • No landline or WiFI needed
  • 24/7 Security and protection

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    How It Works


Push the Button

Need help? Simply push your emergency alert button. Stay Calm. Help is on the way.


We Answer

A trained 24/7 live operator will speak to you over the console and make sure you are taken care of.


We Respond

If necessary, we contact  family, friends, neighbors and your local 911 emergency services.

Who Can Benefit From A MedEquip Alert™ Button?

Anyone can benefit from a MedEquip Alert™ Button. Our product is great for anyone from an elderly person living alone to a young adult going off to college in a different state. Our wearable medical alert system allows you to get the help you need, when you need it. The device is mobile and allows the user to feel safe and secure practically anywhere. The MedEquip Alert™ Button is the equivalent of having a companion with you at all times and in the event of a life threatening emergency, can save a life.

If you want the freedom to live your life, while having the peace of mind for your own well-being, or the well-being and safety of someone you love, then our product is right for you.


A medical alert system will benefit those who:

  • Are a fall risk
  • Have physical limitations
  • Live alone
  • Are post surgery
  • Travel alone
  • Have a life threatening allergy
  • Are a single parent
  • Have children who walk home or participate in after school activities
  • Are the parent of a Girl Scout/Boy Scout
  • Are a young adult away at college
People Living Alone
People With Disabilities
Children with Allergies
Students Away at School
Children Walking to School Alone
Women Traveling Alone

If you or someone you love falls into one of these categories, you can benefit from a
MedEquip Alert™ Button!

Call us today at 1-844-HELP-808 to get on-the-go protection with MedEquip Alert™ Button”

Why Choose the MedEquip Alert™ Button?

Nationwide Coverage
All cellular and GPS antennas are internal and meet AT&T certification standards.

Peace of Mind for Yourself and Loved Ones
Allows the user freedom to leave the house and enjoy independent living

24/7 Security and Protection
Upon contacting the monitoring center the user will be put in touch with an emergency operator that already has their medical information.

Easy Set-up
The Emergency number to be called will be programed into the unit and that number may also, be changed over the wireless cellular network as instructed by the end user.

Ease of Use
Pushing the button for 2 seconds and then releasing it begins a call where you will speak directly to the Monitoring Center. The button also includes voice prompts that inform the device is charging, or a call is being placed, or a call had ended.

Additional Features

Water resistant
Is designed to be Water Resistant to the industry standard, and can be worn in the shower and bath.

Lockbox Available
A lockbox holding a key to your to the home entrance doorway is provided at no additional charge. This allows emergency responders to enter the home without causing extensive damage.

Good for those with limited dexterity
The ergonomic design and easy to push soft, recessed call button., make it easy to use even for those with limited dexterity. It can be worn around the neck or clipped to a belt or pocketbook.

System voice prompts
That will let you know when the device is charging, or a call is being place, or a callhas been ended.

Long lasting charge/Low battery alerts
Stand by power will allow the unit to operate on a single charge for 48 hours and will prompt the user to recharge the device whenever the battery level falls below 20%.

30 minutes of talk time
Support 30 minutes of talk time from a full charge.

Magnetic charging cable
Recharging is easy with the included USB Charging cord.

Joint commission approved

No landline requirement
Good for all emergencies, accidents, illness or danger, wear around the neck or clipped to your belt or pocketbook. 24 hour, 7day a week emergency protection.

Everything included with package including

  • Lanyard
  • Belt Clip
  • USB Magnetic Charging Cable and Socket
  • Car Charging Cable and Socket
  • Operating Instructions

GSA Approved
Our product is the world’s first GSA(General Services Administration) approved emergency medical alert device Made in the USA

Made in the USA
Using only high quality internal and external products.

Free for Veterans
That’s right, our product is completely FREE for USA Veterans.

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That’s right, our product is completely FREE for USA Veterans.